Wanhua Chemical signs a strategic cooperation agreement with Sika China
Click:0    DateTime:Dec.08,2023

On November 21, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Sika China officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their cooperation in technological innovation and product procurement.

Known for its technological innovation, Wanhua Chemical has continuously increased the investment in scientific research. So far, the company has built an R&D innovation system that integrates basic research, process development, engineering, industrialization and product application, research and development, enabling them to offer customers with competitive solutions. In recent years, Sika China has been dedicated on sustainable construction solutions, focused on innovation, and provided high-quality and outstanding products and services.

In this cooperation, both parties, on the basis of mutual trust and with the goal of development, will rely on their strong technological innovation advantages and make joint efforts in flooring, fire retardant coatings, etc. The renewal of the agreement will, on the basis of previous cooperation, cover more product ranges and expand more cooperation scopes, marking the beginning of a new stage of strategic, comprehensive, and long-term cooperative development between the two parties.