WACKER Zhangjiagang site holds Open-to-Public and showcase environmental protection and safety practices
Click:0    DateTime:Dec.08,2023

On November 23, WACKER hosted an Open-to- Public and Safety Day at its Zhangjiagang Integrated Silicone Manufacturing Site. With the theme of “WACKER for China 2060 Carbon Neutrality”, the event featured a site introduction, a presentation on how WACKER reduces CO2 emissions in production, onsite product application exhibits and a plant tour, safety day activity and AED use, so as to strengthen communication with local communities to show WACKER’s efforts of supporting China’s carbon neutrality goal and WACKER’s safety culture. More than 60 participants including students, teachers and company representatives participated in the event.

During the event, WACKER showcased its products, commitment, practice and performance in terms of environmental protection and safety to the public. As part of the event, visitors were given an introduction of how the Zhangjiagang site reduced carbon dioxide emissions during production processes as a vivid example of WACKER’s sustainable efforts. Meanwhile, a tour to one of WACKER’s downstream plants was also organized. Teachers and students from Zhangjiagang Vocational School and Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering visited the plant to observe a number of sustainable product application samples that are widely used in insulators, cable fittings and transformers to ensure the efficiency and durability of ultra-high voltage power transmission and distribution. The event provides a good opportunity for students to learn on the spot. In addition, WACKER also invited visitors to learn how to use first-aid equipment and participate in safety culture activity by the engineering department, helping the public learn emergency rescue skills, as well as WACKER’s efforts to ensure safe production.

The Zhangjiagang site is WACKER’s largest silicone production site in China. A variety of downstream silicone products are manufactured here, including sealants, elastomers, emulsions, fluids, and pyrogenic silica. In September, WACKER announced the expansion of several new production lines at the site. The project has received all necessary permits from local authorities, and the new facilities are scheduled to come on stream in 2025.