Oil and Gas Production up in July
Click:0    DateTime:Jul.20,2022

Domestic output of crude oil reached 17.13 million tons in July, up 3% YoY, down 0.6 percentage points MoM, according to data the National Bureau of Statistics issued on August 15. Import volume of crude oil was down 9.5% YoY (shrinking 1.1 percentage points MoM) to 37.33 million tons in July, when processing volume amounted to 53.21 million tons, down 8.8% YoY, down 0.9 percentage points MoM.

   As for natural gas in July, domestic output was up 8.2% YoY (expanding 7.8 percentage points MoM) to 17.1 billion cubic meters, and import volume was 8.7 million tons, down 6.9% YoY, shrinking 6 percentage points MoM.

In the first seven months, output of crude oil was up 3.7% YoY to 120 million tons, and that of natural gas up 5.4% YoY to 126.7 billion cubic meters. During the same period, China imported 289.84 million tons of crude oil (down 4% YoY), and 62.21 million tons of natural gas, down 9.6% YoY.