Sinopec Signed Agreement on Adiponitrile with China University of Petroleum
Click:6    DateTime:Jun.17,2022

Recently, Wang Bo, Associate Professor from China University of Petroleum, College of Chemical Engineering, signed an agreement with one of the Sinopec’s refining and chemical subsidiaries, which aims to complete technology development of the production of adiponitrile by butadiene hydrocyanation method, officially launching the industrial application of this technology.

This technology breaks through the technical barriers in catalytic system, reactor, separation and purification, equipment selection and so on. It has significant advantages such as higher yield, lower cost, and environmental friendliness, compared with the existing adipic acid ammoniation method and acrylonitrile electrolysis method in the industry. At present, this innovative technology has completed the verification in modular continuous small-scale industrial demonstration unit. After experts reviewing, it was agreed to start the construction project of 10 000 ton industrial production equipment.