Producer Price Index of Chemical Industry up 13.6% YoY in May
Click:0    DateTime:Jun.10,2022

Producer Price Index (PPI) for manufactured goods was up 6.4% YoY and up 0.1% MoM in May, when the purchasing price of industrial products was up 9.1% YoY and up 0.5% MoM (Jan-May, up 8.1% YoY and up 10.8% YoY, respectively), according to data the National Bureau of Statistics issued on June 10.

Among 40 categories investigated, 37 ones saw price growth. In detail, year-on-year price increase of mining and washing of coal industry reached 37.2% (down 16.2 percentage points), and that of non-ferrous metal manufacture and processing industry was 10.4%, down 6.4 percentage points. The price of petroleum, coal and other fuel processing industry was up 34% YoY, down 4.7 percentage points, sharper than the decrease of 1.3 percentage points of the chemical industry, which saw a price growth of 13.6% YoY.

Year-on-year price growth expanded 1.3 percentage points to 22% in gas production and distribution industry, and expanded 0.4 percentage points to 9.7% in electric power and heat power production and supply industry. Price of ferrous metal manufacture and processing industry fell 1.3% YoY, the first year-on-year decline since September 2020.