Jan-Jul RMB Loans up RMB14.35 Trillion
Click:0    DateTime:Aug.10,2022

Balance of broad money (M2) was up 12% YoY to RMB257.81 trillion at the end of July, with the growth rising 0.6 percentage points MoM and 3.7 percentage points YoY, according to data The People's Bank of China issued on August 12. Meanwhile, balance of narrow money (M1) was up 6.7% YoY – up 0.9 percentage points MoM and 1.8 percentage points YoY – to RMB66.18 trillion.

In the first seven months, increment of RMB loans grew RMB515 billion YoY to RMB14.35 trillion, and that of social financing rose RMB2.89 trillion YoY to RMB21.77 trillion.