Sinochem Holdings Releases HSE Fore Runner Strategy and Fore Runner System
Click:57    DateTime:Dec.31,2021

On December 30, 2021, Sinochem Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Sinochem Holdings") held a press conference in Beijing on releasing its HSE Fore Runner Strategy and Fore Runner System. This is a key step for Sinochem Holdings, one of the world's largest chemical giants, to achieve high quality development, and a solemn commitment made by Sinochem Holdings to global stakeholders to put forward the goals of “Global HSE forerunner” and achieving “Zero loss".

Mr. Ning Gaoning, Chairman and Secretary of Sinochem Holdings; and Mr. Li Fanrong, Director, President and Deputy Secretary of Sinochem Holdings, as well as many media friends attended the event. Employee representatives of Sinochem Holdings witnessed the release activities online and offline.


FORUS literally means "for us”. It aims to provide employees with healthy and safe working conditions, provide clients with green and safe products and services, create benefits for shareholders, and create greater value for the society, so to achieve sustainable business development. What’s more, FORUS also means "Fore Runner Strategy" and "Fore Runner System". The Fore Runner Strategy has ascertained Sinochem Holdings' vision to be a "Global HSE Forerunner" and achieve the goal of "Zero loss", and proposed the path and measures for realizing that. The FORUS System is in line with the company's vision of building a "world-class chemical conglomerate" and aims to promote continuous progress of HSE management and contribute to a beautiful world featuring harmonious coexistence. 

On May 8, 2021, Sinochem Holdings was officially established. Jumpstarting at the new point, Sinochem Holdings is committed to technology innovation for building a world-class chemical conglomerate. It proposed that “if a company  is to achieve first-class, HSE must be given top priority”. It has developed a three-step HSE strategy of "founding, climbing, and leading", and correspondingly adopted the three “five-year HSE plans”. During which, it will develop first-class process standards, procure first-class equipment and facilities, and build first-class industrial teams, to realize HSE system reconstruction, concept reconstruction, value reconstruction, and management reconstruction. It is on the road to uplift Sinochem Holdings’ HSE management to quasi-world-class level by 2025, reach world-class level by 2030, and become “Global HSE forerunner” by 2035.

Sinochem Holdings’ FORUS system consists of four parts: FORUS manual; management guidelines; good practices, and evaluation system. The FORUS system is developed by drawing on good practices from leading enterprises both home and abroad, highly integrating and absorbing the shared system and standards from home and abroad. It also comprehensively considers corporate attributes in different industries and business formats. Therefore, the FORUS system has universal applicability and distinctive international characteristics, and is an open advanced system. The FORUS takes the HSE risk management as the core. It is designed to trace all losses back to the management level, and carrying out comprehensive loss control. It thus makes systematic arrangements for the entire life cycle of business activities such as projects, equipment, technique and products, and covers a variety of fields such as safety, security, health, environmental protection, energy, and carbon emissions.

As the largest chemical conglomerate  in the world, Sinochem Holdings adheres to the philosophy of “In Science We Trust”,based on safety management and green development. It is committed to continuously building the core competitiveness of HSE, and developing and implementing new HSE policies. By issuing the HSE Fore Runner Strategy and the Fore Runner System, it will boost Sinochem Holdings to become a world-class enterprise.

Mr. Li Fanrong stated in his speech that at present, safe, green, and sustainable development has become the consensus and trend of global development. Sinochem Holdings’ HSE Fore Runner Strategy and the FORUS system puts forward goals, sets the direction, and provides solutions for the high-quality development of HSE. It marks Sinochem Holdings' HSE manegment has entered new stage as a milestone in  progressing towards world-class chemical conglomerate.

In Mr. Ning Gaoning’s speech, he said: “2021 marks the birth of Sinochem Holdings. The company keeps pressing ahead with its strategy. The HSE Fore Runner Strategy and FORUS system is an integral part of our corporate culture and corporate governance, a long-term strategy on achieving sustainable development, and an assured choice made by the company”.

Mr. Ning emphasized that “Fore Runner” not only means leading in management, but also means responsibility and commitment, and the starting point of the HSE strategy and system. He said: “FORUS carries good wishes and rich meanings. It illustrates the ‘four elements of value’ model of Sinochem Holdings. It is a culture, a system, a set of standards, and a tool. It is moreover a methodology and a symbol. We are not a fore runner for now, but from now on we will be working towards that goal, and expect to open a new chapter for Sinochem Holdings’ HSE management ever since”.

Mr. Ning called on all Sinochemers: "to strive for the goal of ‘becoming a Fore Runner and achieving zero loss’. Let’s take high-quality development as our main theme in the new stage; make technological innovation and low-carbon and green development the initiative, and integrate HSE into the gene and blood of the company and every employee". He said in accordance with the established "three-step" strategy, we will continue to advance towards building "a world-class chemical conglomerate ".