Sinopec’s First Mobile Photovoltaic Power Station Makes a Successful Test Run
Click:114    DateTime:May.25,2021

Sinopec’s first mobile photovoltaic power station, independently developed by its northwest oilfield made a successful trial run recently. The station’s annual power generation can reach 116 800 KWH and is expected to reduce carbon emission by 90.7 tons per year.   

Mobile photovoltaic power station has achieved remarkable progress in energy conservation and emission reduction, which can save 66.3 tons of coal and 36.3 tons of water annually.  

Sinopec northwest China oilfield is accelerating the implementation of the expansion project, which is expected to be completed in September 2021. The front line of the oilfield is located in the Taklimakan Desert, with abundant solar energy resources and a vast area, enabling unique advantages for photovoltaic power generation. Upon the completion of the expansion, the mobile photovoltaic power generation will generate 28 million KWH of power and reduce carbon emission of 2.6 kt annually.