New Document Issued to Ensure China’s Energy Safety
Click:187    DateTime:Jul.06,2020

On June 18, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the National Energy Administration (NEA) issued Guiding Opinions on Ensuring Energy Safety in 2020 to improve supply and reserve capacities of energies.

The document calls for optimizing capacity structure of coal and properly disposing coal mines with capacity of lower than 300 000 t/a, coal mines involving environmental sensitive areas and firms halting production for a long term. In addition, after eliminating a certain amount of backward coal capacity, the number of coal mines will be controlled within 5 000 in 2020, when output of large coal bases will account for more than 96% of the nation’s total.

Clean energy power generation projects will be propelled. By the end of 2019, installed capacity of wind power generation projects had reached 210 million KW and that of PV power generation projects had reached 204 million KW (2020, both around 240 million KW). Installed capacity of conventional hydroelectric projects is forecast to reach around 340 million KW in 2020.