Sinopec Successfully Starts up Two Alkylation Units
Click:292    DateTime:Jan.24,2020

Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical and Sinopec Zhenhai Refinery successfully started up their alkylation units respectively in November and December 2019. Yangzi Petrochemical’s 300 kt/a unit has achieved on-spec alkylated oil, that has met the designed requirements. The unit has been running stably at full tilt since December 2019. On December 10, Yangzi Petrochemical has one ship of 1 500 kt of alkylated oil delivered for the first time. Zhenhai Refinery’s new 300 kt/a alkylation unit also yielded on-spec products in December with two batches of products’ RON reaching 97.7 and 98.1, respectively. Materials will be gradually transferred to tanks zones. 

   The units adopt Dupont’s new STRATCO-XP2 sulphuric acid alkylation process technology. The successful start-up will further optimize the gasoline products structure of China’s petrochemical industry to ensure refiners’ blending and production of clean fuel to meet China’s National VI standard.