Shenhua Ningxia Coal-SABIC’s 70 Kt/a CTO Project Solicits Public Opinions over EIA Approval
Click:290    DateTime:Jan.24,2020

Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry and SABIC’s jointly-invested 700 kt/a coal-to-olefin (CTO) new materials demonstration project solicited public opinions over the environmental impact assessment (EIA) approval.

   The project is located in the coal chemical park (A) of Ningxia Ningdong Energy Chemical Base and will operate 8 000 hours annually. The project has an estimated investment of around RMB22 billion, of which, RMB20.445 billion will be used for construction and RMB1.766 billion for environmental protection. The project will use coal as feedstock to produce 2 000 kt of methanol, which will be further processed to make polyethylene (PE), propylene to get 100 kt of EVA, 210 kt of low density PE (LDPE), 350 kt of UHMWPE and 430 kt of polypropylene (PP). By products include sulphur and ammonium sulfate. Auxiliary storage and transportation works, public works, supporting and environmental protecting facilities will also be built.