Inner Mongolia Bans Construction of New Chemical Parks
Click:277    DateTime:Jan.06,2020

Inner Mongolia is to ban the construction of new chemical parks, raise standards on industry access, improve safety level and propel transformation and green development of the chemical industry, as detailed in recently issued Rules on Standardizing Construction of Chemical Projects in Inner Mongolia.

   Construction of new chemical projects is to be prohibited within three regions and three lines (three regions referring to urban space, agricultural space and ecospace; three lines referring to ecological protection red line, permanent basic farmland protection red line and urban development boundary). Expansion projects in existing chemical parks shall at least keep one kilometer away from Inner Mongolia section of the Songhua River, the Haihe River, the Liao River and the Yellow River.

   In addition, construction of new chemical projects is to be banned in chemical parks without security risk assessment or failing to pass the assessment. The document calls for accelerating chemical technology upgrade, speeding up relocation and transformation of hazardous chemicals enterprises, and improving safety and environmental protection facilities of chemical parks.