Innovation Casting Famous Brand, Service Establishes Good Reputation Interview with Pall Industrial President Ms. Ruby Chandy
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By Xue Jie

As early as 1946, Pall Corporation invented the first straight-flow metal filter in the world. After many years of development, it has become the biggest multinational corporation that is engaged in producing filtration, separation and purification products, and operates in two segments, Industry and Life Sciences. In the past half century, Pall has never stopped developing new technologies and founding laboratories/technical centers to meet customers demand and maintain its technical advantages. On October 15th, 2013, Pall (Shanghai) Global Technical Center was opened, another landmark event in the course of Palls 20 years development in China. In the opening ceremony, the journalist interviewed Pall Industrial President Ms. Ruby Chandy.


Adhering to innovation and focusing on customers demand


The journalist prepared a lot for this interview, and was particularly impressed with the words that we hope one day Palls products could be applied to all kinds fluid that are required to be filtered.

   When Apollo landed on the moon in 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong carried Pall gas filter system, which helped mankind leave footprint on the moon. In 1995, Palls another two products sterilization filter DFLP and virus filter DV50 won the Pharmaceutical Processing Innovation Award. In 1997, Chinese government installed pall gas filters system in Chairman Mao Memorial Hall for sterile filtration of inert gases. Furthermore, Pall firstly introduced pharmaceutical grade standards to medical filter production. The journalist was amazed at the wide applications, which were attributed by Ms. Ruby to continuous innovation. Pall has established three technical centers in the U.S., Europe and China. Chinese technical center has more than 50 scientists. The well-equipped Shanghai center will provide services on process solutions, performance validation and technical training to customers in fields of biological medicines, aerospace, microelectronics, etc.

   Facing severer competition, only new technologies are not enough for enterprises to satisfy customers. Besides innovation, customer-oriented strategy is our another secret of success, said Ms. Ruby, Focusing on customers demand and assisting them to achieve success are specific measures of the customer-oriented strategy as well as an important way Pall relies on to realize its value in the industry. Through listening voice of customers, Pall could understand what they want as early as possible and develop new products accordingly.


Promoting green development


China is highly praised by Ms. Ruby in the interview, and she said that Pall has been making great efforts in China and achieved a lot in the past 20 years.

Global economy fluctuated sharply in recent years. Although emerging economies are regarded as sound foundation to maintain worlds economic stability, the economy downturn is inevitable. China is an example. In the country, economic growth decelerated and its economy faces many challenges such as unreasonable industry structure and overcapacity. There is no doubt that the complicated economic environment brings challenges, but it also means ample opportunities, Ms. Ruby said.

When China adjusts economic structure in the 12th Five-Year Plan period, it gives top priority to energy conservation, emission reduction and environment protection, which is perfectly aligned with Palls mission. In the interview, Ms. Ruby introduced many products like Phasesep? liquid-liquid coalescer, which is used for recovery oil in the wastewater in refineries, chemical plants and oil fields; fly ash filtration system, which could help customers meet or exceed PM2.5 emission standard; Ultipleat R large-flow filter, which protects compressor equipment of steel/auto/power industries, avoiding abrasion, extending working life, reducing downtime and lowering energy consumption. In addition, Pall actively participates in making and adjusting domestic relevant standards to propel the industry of filtration, separation and purification.