Hazardous Chemical Enterprises in Five Cases Will Be Shut down
Click:264    DateTime:Jul.21,2020

On July 3, the Ministry of Emergency Management issued List of Hazardous Chemical Enterprises Required to Eliminate Safety Hazards via Rectification Activity or Shut down 2020 (Exposure Draft). Hazardous chemical enterprises will be shut down in the following five cases:

* Firms have no security permission

* Firms employ unqualified institutions to design and construct projects, or hire unqualified designers to design equipment involving hazardous chemical processes and hazardous chemicals

* Firms adopt outdated technologies or equipment in the list of elimination

* Firms fail to meet standards on safety protection distance outside of production units and storage facilities involving hazardous chemical processes, hazardous chemicals and major hazard sources highly concerned by the government

* Facilities involving highly supervised hazardous chemical processes cannot be controlled automatically, and the number of employees is less than 20