DSM Started to Produce Cephalexin in China
Year:2009 ISSUE:35
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DSM Started to Produce Cephalexin in China    

DSM, headquartered in the Netherlands, announced on December 18th that the cephalexin produced by DSM's innovative patented Green Technology is launched at DSM Anti-infectives site in Zibo. DSM Green Technology is an innovative technology that uses biocatalyses to produce antibiotics APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients). The launch in Zibo marks not only the beginning of a new era of purer and safer antibiotic APIs to Chinese finish dosage producers, but is also a unique example of applying green technology in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.
   According to DSM, Cephalexin is a key antibiotics in China with annual demand of well above 1 billion daily dosages. Continuing growth is expected as cephalexin has been included in China's catalog of national essential drugs in the latest healthcare reform.
   The traditional production process of cephalexin is extremely harmful to the environment, with several unsafe chemicals being used and emitted. In contrast DSMs Green Technology is based on biotechnological steps and hence avoids the use of these chemicals, and uses much less energy, so in a nutshell is ecologically more sustainable.
   Dr Jiang Weiming, President DSM China, commented: "DSM Green Technology is our world-leading innovation. The launch in China is another indication and proof of DSM's commitment to China's sustainable development. We are very proud of contributing to the harmonious development of Chinese society and industry using our expertise in the green innovation area."
   DSM Anti-Infectives is the world's leading supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients such as Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Cephalexin and Cefadroxil. DSM Anti-Infectives China is headquartered in Beijing, owns two manufacturing sites in Zibo of Shandong province and Zhangjiakou of Hebei province.
   DSM began trading with China in 1963. Today, DSM has invested in China for over a decade. DSM has its China regional headquarters and R&D center in Shanghai. The company currently has 14 manufacturing sites in China and employs nearly 3 000 people. DSM's business is growing healthily and steadily in China with revenue of above US$1.1 billion in 2008.