CPCIA Issued Supporting Technologies Directory
Year:2009 ISSUE:33
Click:337    DateTime:Nov.25,2009
CPCIA Issued Supporting Technologies Directory    

To actualize the central government's adjustment and stimulus program for the petrochemical industry and make the technology play a supporting role in adjusting and stimulating the petrochemical industry, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA) issued the Guidance Suggestions of Supporting Technologies for Stimulating the Petroleum and Chemical Industry on October 22nd, along with the guidance for adjustment of industrial structure. (CCR 2009 No.32 page 5)
   This directory describes the targets of twelve aspects and lists 130 items of key technologies supported. The involved aspects include oil and gas exploration and development, refining, petrochemicals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, rubber processing, new definition coal chemical, chlor-alkali, chemical advanced materials, fine chemicals, chemical equipment and environmental protection.
    130 supporting technologies are divided into two categories - the promotion category (the technologies shall be used widely) and the developing category (the technologies need to be developed). The promotion category covers 58 items, like the RSDS and OCT-M technology for producing clean gasoline, DCC, CPP, RICP, CBL ethylene cracking, C5 separation, large scale coal slurry gasification, phosphoric acid purification, molecular evaporation, radial tire production, etc. The developing category includes 72 items, such as the development of large scale oilfield, gasfield and coal bed methane, the production technologies of clean fuels and alternative fuels, the complete technology of large scale ABS unit, the complete technology of 50 000 t/a ethylene-propylene rubber unit, the kiln technology of making phosphoric acid from poor phosphorus ore, the innovation technology of new pesticides, the commercial production technology of polyisoprene rubber, coal to olefin technology, coal to monoethylene glycol technology, IGCC technology, the complete technology of 100 000 t/a making propylene oxide by direct oxidation, the modification and application technologies of MPPO, the commercial technology of aramid III fiber, the industrialization technology of polycarbonates production, the key technologies of high performance polyimide film, the key technologies of high performance and environmentally friendly dyestuffs, organic pigments and coatings, the technologies of treating waste water from polyester production, dyeing/printing and pesticides production etc.