Jan-Oct import and export value up 0.03% YoY
Click:0    DateTime:Nov.24,2023

In the first 10 months of 2023, China’s import and export value rose 0.03% YoY (the same below) to RMB34.32 trillion, with general trade taking up higher proportion compared with same period last year, according to data the General Administration of Customs issued on November 7. In detail, export value was up 0.4% to RMB19.55 trillion, import value was down 0.5% to RMB14.77 trillion, and trade surplus expanded 3.2% to RMB4.78 trillion.

China-ASEAN foreign trade value increased. Value of products imported from the EU grew, and that of goods from the US went up too. Foreign trade value of private enterprises rose. Export value of agricultural products increased. Mechanical and electrical products accounted for nearly 60% of total export value.