Foreign Trade Hits Record in 2006
China Lowers Prices for Oil Products
Announcements for Policy
SPEX Plans to Transact Four Chemicals
Australia Launches Dumping Investigation into Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Petrochina and SFA Sign Agreement
Shaanxi Municipal Government Cooperates with CPCIA
Centralfluor Launches Fluorine Chemical Project
Oilfield Is Discovered in Gansu
Rhodia Polyamide Increase Price for Adipic acid in Asia
INEOS Fluor and Zhejiang Xing Teng Form JV
CHINALCO to Issues Local Shares
Cangzhou Mingzhu Issues Shares
Shaanxi Xinghua Issues New Shares
News in Brief
Remarkable Oil/Gas Output Increases in Sinopec Corp.
Price Rise of Natural Rubber Futures
Shanghai Tyre & Rubber Won Order of US$3.6 Million
PetroChina Joins Hands with PYI
Oil/Gas Output Increases in Sinopec Northwest Company
3F: A Leading Fluorine Chemical Company
Naphtha Is in Short Supply
Output of Polyester Fiber Grows Rapidly
Slowing Growth of Oil Consumption in 2007
Accident Page
New Process for the Bio-Diesel Production with Enzyme Technology
Mudflat Rice Grass Inhibitor
10 000 T/A Rare-earth cis-Polybutadiene Rubber Complete Technology
New Alicyclic Amine Modified Curing Agent
New Environmental Friendly Controlled-Release Fertilizer
Special Dyes for Polyester Superfine Fibers
1.0 Million T/A Coal Chemical Project Conducts Ignition
JAMG Starts Urea Project
Tianquan Chemical Starts up Barium Chloride Project
Tianze Coal Gasification Plant Relocates
11 Large Projects Kick off in NCIP
Teijin Starts up a PC Production Line in Zhejiang
Liquid-Phase Methanol Project Kicks off
Town Star Starts 200 000 T/A Methanol Project
Shangliu Chemical Starts up 30 000 T/A Glyoxal Unit
Linhuan Coking Starts up Integrated Project
BDO Project Kicks off in Shaanxi
Fertilizer Renovation Project Completed in Anqing Petrochemical Company Ltd.
Oil Supply to Be Diversified
Chemicals Be Executed with Temporary Tariffs of in 2007
Spot Prices in Zhejiang, East China quoted on January 19th, 2007
Trade Data for LDPE, MEG, SM, Barium sulfate, STPP and Soda ash during November 2006
Output of Petroleum and Chemical Products in China in December 2006