Prohibit DEG in Toothpaste Production
Export Tariff for Crude Oil to Be Readjusted
Trichloromethane Antidumping Case
FDI up 12% in H1
Evaluation on Xanthate Salt
Reevaluation on DCPA
Foreign Trade Increased 23% in H1
Chalco Nanhai Alloy Company Was Established
CNOOC to Construct Asphalt and Lube Oil Project in Taizhou
SOCC Establishes Ocean Coatings and Functional Materials Lab
BASF Underlines Commitment to Innovation in Asia
CSPC Completes RMB22.28 Billion Secondary Financing
FirstLink Investments to Enter Fertilizer Business
Linde Group to Construct New Industrial Gas Plant
Sinopec Group to Join with SK
Polynt Purchases Chinese TMA Plant
CNNC Huayuan Applies to Issue New Shares
Tangshan Sanyou Adds Two New Projects
Partial Production Lines Discontinued in BBCA
Yunwei Finalizes Issuance of New Domestic Shares
TCICL to Build Adipic Acid Project
News in Brief
Xingfa Group: To Be World-Famous Phosphorus Chemical Enterprise
Limitation or Push ?
Resins Showed Different Price Change
Capacity of PTA Rises Rapidly
Export of ADC Blowing Agents Increases Rapidly
Water Pollution in Jiangsu
Odor-Removing Binuclear Latex Paint
Liquid Fluorescent Brightener
Shandong Shuts up Polluting Chemical Companies
Fujian Shuts up Lianjiang Synthetic Ammonia Plant
Wuxi to Close 772 Small Chemical Companies
Nanjing Establishes Large Viscose Fiber Production Base
LPC Starts up 400 000 T/A Aromatic Extraction Unit
JNEG and Risun Coking Launches Coal Chemical Base
Jiangsu Launches Polycrystalline Silicon
Ningxia Baota Kicks off 100 000 t/a DME Project
SPCFC Launches Chemical Fertilizer Project
Jinma and Kumho Launches Latex Project
Sopo Launches 600 000 T/A Gas-Making Renovation Project
Lianyungang Shida Completes PE and PVC Project
Guilin Jinshan Kicks off Ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate Project
Hubei Jinyuan Starts Potassium Nitrate Project
Wengfu Chemical Constructs Phosphoric Acid and MAP Project
400 000 T/A Sulfuric Acid Project Makes Ignition
How Do Chinese Enterprises Look at REACH?
Weekly Report for July 9th-13th
Trade Data for H2SO4, KCl, PC etc. in May 2007