16 Private Enterprises Get Importing Right of Oil
Cooperation between Jilin Fuel Ethanol and Perten
Arburg of Germany Gets into Shanghai
Asahi Chemical Plans to Construct Acrylonitrile Unit
China and Australia Jointly Launch PET Project
News in Brief
Twists and Turns in Qingdao Refining Project
Projected Reserves of Oil Resources in Xinjiang
Double Star and Continental Join Hands
SINOPEC Cooperates with Nippon Oil
Cooperation between China and Malaysia
SinoChem Plans to Expand Fuling Chemical
Zhuhai Zhongfu Launches Project in Lanzhou
Fushun Petrochemical Starts Co-production of Oil and Paraffin
Prospect of Oil/Gas Sector Projected by Petrochemical Giants
Cangzhou Refinery Develops Four New Assistants
PE Plastic Pipe Inserting Repair Technology
Polyester Sheet Special Materials Produced in Yizheng
High Urea Price in the Low Season
Sustained Price Rise of Raw Salt
Present Status and Analysis of SSBR
Bright Prospect of Polyacrylamide
Present Status and Analysis of 1,4-Butanediol
Present Market Status and Projection of Dimethyl Carbonate
First Coal Direct Liquefaction Unit Constructed in China
1.0 Million T/A Viscose Crude Production Base Established
Biggest PTA Production Base Starts Production
Successful Debugging in Polyolefin Comprehensive Mode Evaluation Unit
220 000 T/A Polyester Staple Fiber Project Starts Production
Intermediate Handing-over of the 720 000 T/A Ethylene Renovation Project
Spot Prices in Zhejiang, East China quoted on October 8, 2004