Macro Control Produces No Negative Impacts on Foreign Investments in China
China National Chemical Corp Invests in Xinjiang Petrochemical Industry
Haohua Conducts Reformation to Shanxi Yuanping
Petrochemical Industry in Taicang Port Forms Initial Scale
News in Brief
China National Chemical Corporation
69 Regional HQs Settled in Shanghai
Development of Shantou Ocean Enterprise in the Future
Chloroform Antidumping Measures Produce Initial Results
Rohm and Haas Develops Advanced Biosciences Business in China
Bayer Set up Lanxess
Degussa Inaugural China Construction Day Held in Beijing
CNOOC Gains Crude Oil Import Right
5 Giants Coexist in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry in China
China Masters Acetic Anhydride Carbonylation Synthesis Technology
Biological Technology Extracts Garlic Essence
Diesel Engine NOx Purification Technology
Solvent Extraction Purifies Glycyrrhizic Acid in Glycyrrhiza
SHP-01 Hydrogenation Catalyst
Chloro-Methamidophos: New Pesticide with Low Toxicity
Technology for Fuel Oil Production from Biomass Passes Appraisal
Present Solvent Oil Market
Promising Tire Silica White Market
ABS Resin Market in China
Coping with Fiercer Competition in the Melamine Market
Development Status of Fluorine Plastics
Exxon Mobil Chemical Expands DINP in Guangdong
JPC Becomes Large Synthetic Rubber Production Base
Integrated Project in Fujian Starts Execution
PP Unit in Harbin Removes Bottlenecks
10 000 T/A Functional Film Production Line
Meizhou Chunting Petrochemical Project to Be Completed
Cobalt Expansion Project Starts Production
Hydro-Entangled Non-Woven Fabric Production Line Completed
Import & Export Data in China in May 2004
Monthly Average Market Prices in North China in June 2004
Spot Prices in Zhejiang, East China quoted on July 2, 2004
Shanghai Market Price of Chemical Products during June 2004