YEAR:2010 ISSUE:6   Befar Group Runs on the Way of Development
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:15   Lukang Pharmaceutical: Promotes Four Business Sectors Together
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:8   Hubei Yihua: Keeps Good Performance in Crisis
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:9   Crucial Role of Innovation in Petrochemical Industry
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:10   The 3rd International Advanced Material Summit Held in Chengdu
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:10   AICM's Responsible Care Concept
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:11   Oxiranchem: Two wheels Drive Its High-speed Growth
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:4   Lianhe Chemical Treads a Unique Way in the Field of Fine Chemicals
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:20   Mitsui Chemicals: GTR in the Post-crisis Era
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:20   Schuetz: Fast Growth in China
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:20   Merck KGaA Completes Millipore Acquisition and Launches New Merck Millipore Division
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:12   The "2010 Open-to-Public Day" Successfully Held in Shanghai
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:12   "Responsible Care" in Well-respected Enterprises
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:13   PPG Industries: "Green" Concept in Core Business
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:17   Performance of China Petrochemical Corporation in 2009
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:18   CNOOC Tries to Become a World-class Energy Company
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:5   Yancheng Lvye Chemical: Green Agrochemicals
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:16   Yabang Group Grew on Clusters
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:3   DFD Keeps Fast Development during the Economic Crisis
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:36   Jinchang Chemical: Revelation of Addressing the Crisis
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:1   Yongtai Technology: Market Orientation Promotes Development
YEAR:2010 ISSUE:2   Yokohama Rubber Takes a Flexible Strategy to Expand Its Market Share
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:35   Technological Innovation Helps Baling Petrochemical Achieve Excellent Performance during the Global Financial Crisis
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   Scientific Management Gives Weilai Aluminum Group Good Development
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   Jiangnan High Polymer Fiber: Benefit from the Product Differentiation
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   Jiangxi Black Cat: Opportunity from a Single Product
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:32   Henkel Continues to Emphasize China's Adhesives Market
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:31   Hailide Seeks Profits through Product Differentiation
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:30   Aeolus Tyre's Strategies for Surviving the Crisis
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:30   GEA to Expand Market Share in China's PA Equipment Market