YEAR:1999 ISSUE:28   Qinghai Lithium Co., Ltd. Open to Business
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:28   Tender Invitation Practiced in Large Equipment Purchase
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:28   Shanxi Material Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Open to Business
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:28   Shanghai Shenglongda Biotechnology Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:28   Qingdao Tuandao Sewage Treatment Plant Inaugurated
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   A Turn for the Better in the Export Trade
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Large Hydrocarbon Reservoir with a Reserve of 100 Million Tons Discovered in Dagang Oilfield
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   China-Russia Technological Cooperation Demonstrative Base in Smooth Functioning
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Sharp Import Increase of Crude Oil at Tianjin Xingang
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Nantong Dongfang Petrochemical Port Storage Project Completed
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Remarkable Export Increase of Soda Ash in Tianjin Soda Plant
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   LG Chemical's Expansion of ABS and PVC in China
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Zhanjiang Xinzhongmei Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Reserving Loss to Profit
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Polyolefin Engineering Research Center Regroup
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Lurgi-Gimma of Germany Opens a Representative Office in Shanghai
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Marine Fine Chemical Industry Demonstrative Base Established in Tianjin
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Petroleum and Petrochemical Groups Reaping a Profit of 8.985 Billion Yuan by the End of July
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Luzhou Natural Gas Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Invests in Tianhua Co., Ltd.
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Fuxing Investment Company Opens Business in Hangzhou
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Nanjing Huali Pharmaceutical Bioengineering Co., Ltd. Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Henkel China Detergent Research Center Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Internal Coordination Strengthened in CNPC
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Massive Debt-Share Transfer in Enterprises of SINOPEC
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Oil Products Wholesale Right to Be Centralized in CNPC and SINOPEC
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   New Oilfield Discovered in Inner Mongolia
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Wacker of Germany Ready for Building Material Business in Chengdu
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Oil Contract Signed between China and Malaysia
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:27   Guangdong LNG Project Bringing in Energy Giant
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:26   New Round Regrouping Scheme in China Petrochemical Corporation
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:26   SETC Stop Redundant Construction