YEAR:2020 ISSUE:1   Guangxi Huayi’s 200 kt/a BPA Project Solicited Public Opinions over EIA Approval
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:1   Kaixiang Fine Chemical Cooperates with China Mobile to Develop 5G + Smart Chemical
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:1   Recent Trends and Developments in China’s Coatings Market
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   New Plan Issued to Ensure Work Safety
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   New List of China's Top 100 Fine Chemical Firms Released
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   Revised General Principles for Identification of Hazardous Wastes Issued
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   PTA and Methanol Options Traded in ZCE
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   Soda Ash Futures Traded in ZCE
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   Xinjiang Issues First Environmental Regulation for Development Zone
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   BASF Inaugurates the Second Phase of Its New Antioxidants Manufacturing Plant in Shanghai
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   Evonik and Wynca Celebrate the Groundbreaking of a New Fumed Silica Plant in Zhenjiang
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   LANXESS to Become Climate Neutral by 2040
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   Hainan Yisheng Petrochemical Settles Projects in Yangpu
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   CNCEC Undertakes Russia and Turkey Chemical Projects
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   China Baowu Group Strides into Hydrogen Energy Industry
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   Shanghai's First Petro-Hydrogen Complex Completed and Commissioned
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:24   Overseas Growth Opportunities for Chinese Agrochemical Companies
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   ZCE Collects Public Opinions About Soda Ash Futures Contracts
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   MOC Ends Anti-dumping Measures on MEK from Japan and Taiwan of China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   Energy Efficiency Leaders in 2019 to Be Selected
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   MOC Issues New Import Tariff Quotas on Fertilizers
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   EU to Restrict Use of Bisphenol B
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   China Ends Anti-dumping Measures on Pyridine from India and Japan
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   BASF Commences Smart Verbund Project in Zhanjiang, China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   Evonik Appoints New Head for Its China Business
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   Clariant Catalysts Expands in APAC with New Engineering Services Office in Indonesia
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   SunlightPharma to Settle Project in Dalian
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   Gansu Jingyuan Plans New Coal-to-Gas Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:23   Zhejiang Youcheng to Set up Lactic Acid and PLA Project in Guangxi