YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   China Improves Subsidy Policies on NEVs
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   China Confirms Discharge Limit for Thallium of Wastewater from Phosphate Fertilizer Industry
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   New Document Issued to Ensure Production Safety
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   Some New Material Projects to Receive Premium Subsidies
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   Document Issued to Stabilize Supply and Prices of Fertilizers
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   ZCE Launches Glass and Sodium Carbonate Cross-variety Arbitrage Instruction
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   BASF Group Posts Q1 Result
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   LANXESS Robust in First Quarter of 2020 Despite Coronavirus Crisis
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   WACKER Posts Q1 Results and Full-year Forecast
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   CNCEC Plans to Raise RMB10 Billion to Invest in Key Projects
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   Aluminum Nitride Powder Project Settles in Yinchuan
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   Shandong Hongda Fuyu Fine Chemical New Materials Project Kicks off
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   Xingfa Group to Invest More in Electronic Grade Chemicals
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   ExxonMobil Huizhou Ethylene Project Commences
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:10   China’s Largest Petrochemical Port Put Into Operation
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   China Speeds up Construction of Natural Gas Storage Infrastructures
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   China’s Investment in Foreign Countries in 1Q 2020
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   China Specifies Scope of New Infrastructure Construction
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   Conditions for Potassium Hydroxide Producers to Apply for New Import Qualification
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   China Meets Challenge of Keeping Economy Alive While Stemming Coronavirus
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   China Extends Investigation on Methionine from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   New Policies Issued for On-grid Prices of Photovoltaic Power
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   BASF and Security Matters Collaborate to Accelerate Progress Towards a Circular Economy for Plastics
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   Covestro Launches App to Educate on Sustainability
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   PPG Published 2019 Sustainability Report
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   China’s First 100 bcm Deep-Seated Shale Gas Field Fully Under Construction
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   First Gas Storage Cluster in West China Put into Construction
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   Intensive Key Projects Put into Construction in Taixing Economic Development Zone
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   Hongji Petrochemical Settles PDH, PP Projects in Jiaxing Port Economic Development Zone
YEAR:2020 ISSUE:9   Successful EPC Candidate of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum 500 kt/a Coal-to-MEG Project Made Public