【Chinaplas2023】Americhem: Boosting Independent Innovation for China's Healthcare Industry with Customized Engineered Compounds
Click:0    DateTime:Apr.17,2023

Focusing on the "in China, for China" strategy, Americhem aims to leverage its leading material science expertise, rich portfolio of engineered compounds, application experience, as well as its complete technical innovation support system, to assist the Chinese medical device industry in coping with increasingly stringent regulations and maintaining a competitive edge in innovation. We are committed to helping Chinese healthcare companies enhance their independent research and development capabilities and achieve local and overseas expansion, in addition to supporting the business growth of multinational healthcare companies in China.

In line with the trend of consumption upgrading and industrial transformation, as well as to meet the growing demand for high-performance medical-grade engineered compounds in the Chinese market, Americhem offers differentiated product lines according to different application requirements, including fully transparent, light-transparent and pre-colored engineered compounds, thermoplastic elastomer materials for over-molding of medical devices, gamma-stable compounds that reduce color deviation, radiopaque compounds, infection prevention compounds with antibacterial properties, etc.

With 10 manufacturing facilities and regional R&D centers in North America, Europe and Asia, Americhem provides proven material solutions, customized applications and product development services to all regions. As the Asia-Pacific headquarters, the Suzhou plant is providing key upstream raw materials to support the structural upgrading of China's medical device industry. Today, Americhem's engineered compounds have been adopted by many major medical device manufacturers.

At CHINAPLAS 2023, in addition to medical grade engineered compounds, Americhem will also showcase cutting-edge customized color masterbatch, functional additive masterbatch and performance compounds technologies.