【Chinaplas2023】Solvay: Materials Solutions for a Safer, Cleaner, and More Sustainable Future
Click:2    DateTime:Apr.17,2023

Solvay presents its latest high-performance material innovations at Chinaplas 2023 (April 17-20). Highly focused on green mobility, digital connectivity, energy transition, resource management and healthy living, the exhibition reaffirms the company’s commitment to accelerating a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

“China is one of Solvay’s most important strategic markets. Over the past 40+ years, Solvay has thrived in this rapidly growing market. After another good year in China in 2022, Solvay will continue to invest in the country and strive to move with Chinese customers towards building a greener world” said Solvay Greater China President Leo Sun.

The concept of sustainability has always had a strong place in Solvay’s business philosophy and is in line with our vision of ‘sustainable shared value for all’. “Solvay is committed to reducing the global carbon footprint and aiding in the transition to a circular economy through its recyclable, bio-based, and recycled polymer solutions. This is why customers turn to us for cutting-edge solutions that drive mobility, connectivity, efficiency, safety and sustainability” noted Andrew Lau, Senior Executive Vice President of Solvay Materials.

Solvay is an industry-leading provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for the automotive market. The company will present its broad range of technologies for a cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient transportation in e-mobility, battery, light-weighting, thermal management and advanced air mobility applications.

The age of digital connectivity would not be possible without superior material solutions. With their durability and resistance to extreme conditions, Solvay’s offerings include instrumental components in smart devices and high-performance polymers covering all stages of semiconductor manufacturing.

Solvay looks to meet the energy and resource management needs of today and tomorrow. Solvay strives to achieve smart resource management by providing advanced UV stabilizer solutions that support efficient agriculture, solutions for energy-saving building and construction materials, and material innovations for sustainable water management and filtration. 

Additionally, with decades of experience in the Energy market, Solvay has developed a diverse portfolio of high-performance polymers, ionomers and thermoplastic composites for hydrogen and other energy sectors to enable the future of clean energy and clean mobility. 

Compliance with safety standards and strict regulatory requirements is crucial in applications that enhance the quality of life. Solvay will showcase an array of medical-grade polymers for a wide range of healthcare applications such as hemodialysis, medical devices and equipment, surgical instruments, biopharmaceutical processing, implantables and high-performance polymers for pharmaceutical packaging. In the consumer space, Solvay will feature its safe, durable and sustainable material solutions for appliances and household applications.