【Chinaplas2023】Evonik: Presents sustainable solutions
Click:2    DateTime:Apr.17,2023

Evonik presents its latest polymers and additive solutions for the plastics and rubber industry at CHINAPLAS 2023. Its relevant products can effectively enhance the performance and sustainability of end applications.

With China’s pledge to achieve “dual carbon goals”, sustainability has become a development direction for many industries, with growing market demands for environment-friendly, resource-saving and low-carbon solutions.  

“Evonik has fully integrated sustainability into its corporate strategy and made it as a core driver of innovation,” said Fuliang Xia, president of Evonik Greater China. “We are continuously developing Next Generation Solutions – products with superior sustainability benefits and strengthening our sustainable product portfolio. We keep reducing the carbon footprint of our production and products with optimized production processes. By showcasing a series of innovative and sustainable solutions at CHINAPLAS, Evonik aims to support China’s transformation towards sustainable development.”

Under the theme of “Leading beyond Chemistry, Evonik material innovations for sustainability”, the company will present its rich product portfolio and competencies through five sections, including Smart Mobility, Green Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Healthy Living and Plastics Recycling.

Material solutions developed specifically for the new energy vehicle (NEV) market

Battery cooling lines made with VESTAMID® (PA 12) are lighter than metal or rubber, more cost-efficient, and have high cold-impact resistance over a long lifespan. 

High-voltage electrical busbars made with VESTAMID® meet several UL fire ratings, including Level V0. VESTAMID® is a material that is recognized by OEMs and suppliers for its high-performing properties.

ACCUREL® DS series are highly concentrated “dry silane” masterbatches which can be applied in cable compounds including EV application to improve mechanical properties and electrical properties, enhance heat distortion temperature and hot set performance, and improve moisture and corrosion resistance.

Multi-layer hydrogen pipelines made with VESTAMID®, which have low precipitation, low permeability and excellent impact resistance at cold temperatures. Its inner-layer conductive material also prevents static charge, giving an added level of protection to the hydrogen pipelines.

High-performance material solutions for green industrial applications

SEPURAN® membranes are used to separate gases such as methane (CH4), nitrogen (N2), and hydrogen (H2) from gas mixtures. SEPURAN® N2 membranes can efficiently separate nitrogen from air. SEPURAN® Noble membranes can extract the hydrogen transported through natural gas pipelines from the CH4/H2 gas mixture. SEPURAN® NG membranes enable efficient processing of natural gas from sources with high CO2 concentration. 

Large-size pipes for the energy applications made from VESTAMID® NRG (PA12) can withstand harsh onshore and offshore conditions, and contribute to safe and reliable transportation of fluids such as oil, natural gas and hydrogen.

A comprehensive portfolio of additive manufacturing materials

Evonik’s 3D printing brand INFINAM® covers a comprehensive portfolio of ready-to-use high-performance materials such as polyamide powders (PA12, PA613), flexible elastomers (TPA, TPC), specialized photopolymers and PEEK filaments for all major 3D printing technologies in order to unbound sustainable 3D printing at scale. 

Evonik develops and manufactures nanosilica concentrates in reactive resins (Nanopox®, Nanocryl®), silica rubber modified reactive resins(Albidur®) and acrylic functional polyurethane block copolymers (ALBIFLEX®). These specialty raw materials and additives can be applied to various 3D printing technologies.

Sustainable high-performance polymers based on renewable raw materials

Evonik’s VESTAMID® eCO E40, with its excellent flex properties, is used in applications such as foamed midsoles in athletic shoes and is produced from 100% renewable energy. Additionally, it is 50% based on circular material from used tires, in a mass-balance process, which reduces its overall carbon footprint by 42%. 

Evonik’s TROGAMID® eCO can be used in the production of optical lenses and frames, such as sunglasses. The granules are produced with 100% renewable energy and the feedstock is from mass-balanced, bio-circular or bio-based materials. This reduces its overall carbon footprint by more than 50%, when compared to traditional petrochemical products.

Processing additives to enhance the recycling of plastics

Evonik also offers eco-friendly additives for plastics recycling process and the production of biodegradable plastics. For example, TEGO Cycle® and TEGO Sorb® series can be used in multiple procedures of mechanical recycling, effectively solving such problems as de-labelling, de-inking, metal removal, defoaming, wetting, dewatering, and odor absorption. TEGOMER® and ACCUREL® XP can be used in the effective production of biodegradable plastics such as PLA (polylactic acid) and PBAT (polybutylene terephthalate).