China Issues New Document to Propel Energy Industry
Click:173    DateTime:Jul.21,2020

China’s energy consumption will be controlled within 5 billion tons of standard coal, proportion of coal use will fall to 57.5%, and electric energy will account for around 27%, as detailed in Guiding Opinions on Targets Regarding Energy Industry in 2020 the National Energy Administration (NEA) issued recently.

Output of petroleum will reach around 193 million tons, and that of natural gas will be 181 billion cubic meters, both in 2020. Installed capacity of non-fossil power generation projects will reach 900 million KW. Utilization of clean energy will be improved continually, and areas heated by clean energy will be up by 1.5 billion square meters.

Further, the document calls for propelling energy poverty alleviation projects, progresses of key energy technologies (related to energy storage, hydrogen energy, etc.), continuous settlement in electricity spot market, etc. Other tasks mainly include separating main businesses and auxiliary businesses of power grid enterprises, improving management system on oil and gas exploration and exploitation, improving operation mechanism on oil and gas pipeline network, etc.