WACKER Nanjing Site Holds “Open-to-Public and Safety Day” with Jiangbei Emergency Management Bureau
Click:259    DateTime:Jul.06,2020

On June 24, WACKER and the Emergency Management Bureau (EMB) of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, jointly held an “Open-to-Public and Safety Day” event at WACKER’s Nanjing production site. The activities included safety topic discussion, emergency scenario experience and product application display. About 70 people participated in the event, such as representatives from Nanjing Emergency Management Bureau, several departments of Jiangbei New Area, a number of company and community delegates from Jiangbei New Area.

In the safety topic discussion, WACKER experts introduced the typical operation risk identification and control management in front of its three major production devices. In the emergency scenario experience session, people learnt emergency responses. In addition, WACKER also showcased its product application, such as disinfecting wipes made of VAE dispersions from the site. Yu Xiaofei, director of Jiangbei New Area joined EMB the attendees at the WACKER Nanjing site. 

“Rigorous management systems and latest Responsible Care? related technology are employed here to ensure our production safety and environment protection,” said Frank Shen, director of WACKER Nanjing Site, during the event. “Today’s Open-to-Public and Safety Day Event, jointly held with Jiangbei New Area Emergency Management Bureau, is an important opportunity not only for us to demonstrate WACKER’s technology and efforts towards safety, but also to enhance communication between the company and the neighborhood for a harmonious community development.”