Sinopec Starts up Zhongke Project
Click:270    DateTime:Jul.06,2020

Sinopec has started up its Zhongke refining and chemical integrated project (Sinopec’s Zhongke project) on June 16. The main leaders of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and Sinopec’s relevant persons-in-charge took part in the “cloud start-up” launching ceremony in Guangzhou and Beijing, respectively.  

Located in Zhanjiang of Guangdong province, the project is Sinopec’s landmark refining and chemical project, with a total investment of RMB44 billion, including 18 oil refining facilities, with capacities totalling 10 000 kt/a and 10 chemical facilities, covering 800 kt/a steam crackers as well as auxiliary public works. The refiner is expected to achieve on-spec production at oil refining units at the end of July and achieve on-spec production at chemical units at the end of August. The project may realise an annual output value of over RMB60 billion following the launch of production. 

The project adopts internationally advanced production and control technology. Meanwhile, domestically developed advanced refining and production equipment technology has been widely used in the project, with the localization rate exceeding 95%.