Hengyi Petrochemical Starts up 500 kt/a Differentiated Functional Fiber Upgrading Project
Click:196    DateTime:Jul.06,2020

Hengyi Petrochemical’s subsidiary, Jiaxing Yipeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiaxing Yipeng”) has completed and started up its 500 kt/a differentiated functional fiber upgrading project, which is equipped with a new 500 kt/a differentiated functional premium full drawn yarn (FDY). 

Yixing Jiapeng has 750 kt/a differentiated functional premium FDY production and operation capacity. Its phase I 250 kt/a project was put into operation in April 2019. 

Using the existing land of Jiaxing Yipeng, the project has invested in the construction of new polyester equipment and FDY spinning equipment, and upgraded and reformed some of the original polymerization and spinning equipment. It adopts flexible polymerization technology, polyester melt direct spinning technology and advanced intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment to optimize and upgrade the production process and product quality.