China Meets Challenge of Keeping Economy Alive While Stemming Coronavirus
Click:286    DateTime:May.07,2020

To restart the economy without reviving the spread of the coronavirus, Chinese government suggests taking different measures in different regions and based on risk levels. For example, in low-risk areas, constraints affecting normal production and normal life could be lifted; local governments shall not prevent firms from resuming normal production by means of examination, approval or filing.

While helping firms overcome difficulties (in aspects of capital, supply of raw materials, project progress, etc.), related departments will help domestic companies influential in the global market ensure production and export of key products. Further, agricultural production and supply of important non-staple foods will both be guaranteed.

As for the service industry, operators in low-risk areas will decide by themselves when to return to work. Personnel density will be controlled in confined spaces and crowded places. Shopping malls and markets will resume normal operation on the premise that measures to stem the coronavirus are in place. National cultural and sports activities, cross-provincial or cross-border tourism will not be resumed temporarily.