Conditions for Potassium Hydroxide Producers to Apply for New Import Qualification
Click:287    DateTime:May.07,2020

The Ministry of Commerce recently issued Conditions for Potassium Hydroxide Producers to Apply for Non-state Trade Potassium Chloride Import Qualification and Application Procedures. In detail, with bank credit line of more than US$20 million and purchasing channels, applicants shall be independent legal entities, own import and export qualification and have no illegal behaviors.

Imported potassium chloride shall be only for self-use, and capacity of each production unit (adopting ion membrane electrolysis process) shall be no less than 50 000 t/a potassium hydroxide. Comprehensive energy consumption per unit of product shall meet industry standards, and reach advanced level according to HG/T 5009-2016 criteria. Further, applicants shall obtain production license for industrial products, and have operated stably for more than two years, with average operating rates in recent two years exceeding 80%.