China Specifies Scope of New Infrastructure Construction
Click:288    DateTime:May.07,2020

On April 20, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) specified the scope of new infrastructure construction involving information infrastructures, converged infrastructures (e.g. smart transportation infrastructures and smart energy infrastructures) and innovation infrastructures (related to science, education, industrial technologies, etc.). 

Information infrastructures include: 1) communication network infrastructures represented by 5G, Internet of Things, industrial/satellite internet, etc.; 2) new technology infrastructures such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain; 3) computational infrastructures like data centers and intelligent computing centers.

Covering many areas, new infrastructure construction will attract huge investment, which should be mainly from social capital. In addition, the construction will be demand-oriented, and aim at long-term development, according to White Paper for Development of New Infrastructure Construction, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued recently.