Sinopec Yanshan Starts up 1st Melt-Blown Fabric Production Line at Phase II Project
Click:373    DateTime:Apr.21,2020

Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical started up the first production line at its phase II melt-blown nonwoven fabric project on April 10, according to a company source. 

The two production lines at its phase I melt-blown nonwoven fabric project, put into operation in early March have been running stably, with daily output at 7.2 tons and operating rate up to 120%. By 8:00 am on April 11, Yanshan Petrochemical has produced 205.5 tons of melt-blown fabric, boosting the output of masks of 200 million pieces. 

The phase II project, covering two production lines kicked off on March 13. The second line is expected to launch production in a later time. By then, Yanshan Petrochemical is able to produce 12 tons/day of melt-blown fabrics, providing key feedstock for 12 million pieces of medical masks.     

The project team adopts stricter pandemic control and safety management measures, as the construction schedule of the second phase project is relatively sufficient compared with the first phase. The phase II project achieves a sharp rise in localization rate, as the core equipment melt-blown model is domestically made.