New Progress in Sinopec Guizhou 600 000 t/a CTO Project
Click:317    DateTime:Apr.21,2020

On April 2, an agreement was signed to transfer shares of Bijie Zhongcheng Energy Co., Ltd. (BZ Energy) – coal supplier to Sinopec’s 600 000 t/a coal to olefin (CTO) project in Zhijin county of Guizhou province – to Guizhou Panjiang Coal and Electricity Group Co., Ltd., which will replace BZ Energy to supply coal to the CTO project. 

With an investment of around RMB22.1 billion, the project mainly includes a 1.8 million t/a coal to methanol unit, a 1.8 million t/a methanol to olefin unit, 350 000 t/a polypropylene unit and a 300 000 t/a polyethylene unit. Jointly founded by Guizhou Shuicheng Coal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. (51%) and Sinopec Corp. (49%), BJ Energy is mainly engaged in exploitation, processing, transportation and sale of coal, extraction, utilization and sale of coalbed methane in coal-electricity integration circular economy base and large mines of Zhijin.