New Document Issued to Propel Green Production & Consumption
Click:310    DateTime:Apr.21,2020

The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Justice recently issued Opinions on Propelling Establishment of Green Production and Consumption Regulation and Policy System to fully promote green production and consumption in key areas.

Non-toxic, low-toxicity or environmentally friendly raw materials are recommended in the document, which calls for strengthening cleaner production via related examination, approval, evaluation, policies, etc. In addition, pollutant discharge permit system is to be fully implemented, discharge standards are to be set or revised, and centralized hazardous waste disposal facilities are to be improved.

While purchasing more green products, the government is to provide more support for firms engaged in distributed energies, smart power grids, energy storage technologies, new energy resources (e.g. hydrogen energy and ocean energy) and clean development of coal by means of related standards and policies.