Sankeshu Starts Coating Project Construction
Click:393    DateTime:Apr.07,2020

Hebei Sankeshu Coatings Company has started construction of its coatings production and supporting facilities.
The project is located in Boye County, Hebei Province, has a total investment of RMB1.1 billion and will be implemented in two phases. The first phase project will have a total investment of RMB600 million, with an annual output of 300 000 tons of latex paints, 200 000 tons of real stone texture paints, 15 000 tons of colorful paints, 160 000 tons of putty powders, 40 000 tons of tile adhesives, 15 000 tons of waterproof coatings, and 5 000 tons of interface agents. Phase I project is expected to launch production in December 2020. The second phase project will have a total investment of RMB300-500 million, covering an area of 200 Mu.