Henan Takes New Measures to Ensure Work Safety
Click:332    DateTime:Apr.07,2020

The Work Safety Committee of Henan province recently issued its Plan to Propel Establishment of Dual Prevention Systems for Risks and Hidden Dangers Related to Work Safety in 2020, mainly applying to enterprises above designated size and small/micro firms in 23 industries such as hazardous chemicals.
Local governments must do their part such as making a list of related enterprises and industrial parks, supervising their progress, carrying out training in April 2020 and urging them to improve the systems (e.g. via self-inspection).
The systems are scheduled to be established by the end of 2020. More specifically, prior to November 2020, they will be implemented in industrial parks, enterprises above designated size in the abovementioned 23 industries, and small/micro firms engaged in businesses of coal mine, hazardous chemicals, fireworks and crackers, building materials, etc.