New Document Issued to Stimulate API Industry
Click:243    DateTime:Jan.24,2020

API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) industry players are to make breakthroughs in more than 20 key green technologies, establish standard systems (regarding green plants, green parks and green management) and reduce emission of main pollutants, all by 2025, as detailed in Guiding Opinions on Propelling Green Development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Industry, recently issued by four departments including the National Medical Products Administration, etc.

   The document requires the API industry to transform, integrate superior resources and improve product quality. Backward production facilities are to be eliminated. Further, it sets forth four key tasks:

   * to adjust industrial structure

Share of green, featured and high-end products is to increase. Outdated technologies and products are both to exit the market.

   * to optimize industrial distribution

   Industrial distribution should be reasonable. Enterprises in environmental sensitive areas are to speed up upgrade, transformation and relocation. Stricter criteria are to be made in cities where air quality fails to meet requirements.

   * to speed up technical innovation

   Industry players are to promote green technologies (e.g. efficient extraction and purification, microchannel reaction, etc.) and establish a group of innovative enterprises, innovation platforms, strategic alliances and demonstration bases.

   * to implement green production standards

   A green production system is to be established to improve product quality, lower energy consumption and reduce pollution.