Sichuan to Propel Green & Standardized Development of Chemical Parks
Click:248    DateTime:Jan.24,2020

Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department recently collects public advices on Implementation Opinions Related to Propelling Green and Standardized Development of Chemical Parks (Draft Document), which sets forth many targets :

   * to establish a group of distinctive chemical parks in main economic zones like South Sichuan Economic Zone, etc.

   * to build two chemical parks with operating revenue of RMB100 billion, and five parks with operating revenue of RMB50 billion

   * to shut down within a time limit chemical parks, not conforming to governmental plans, failing to meet related regulations, without sound infrastructures or with safety and environmental risks

   * to increase share of chemical firms located in chemical parks to more than 80%

   * to establish emergency rescue and public service integration information management platforms in more than 90% of chemical parks

   * to increase rate of centralized sewage treatment to 100%

   * to increase safety and environmental monitoring coverage to 100%