ZCE Issues Contracts of PTA and Methanol Options
Click:273    DateTime:Jan.06,2020

On December 9, 2019, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) issued contracts of PTA options and methanol options, detailing trading unit (one lot), minimum price change (RMB0.5/t), range of price fluctuation (same as that of corresponding futures contracts) and the last trading day, which are all the same for both of the two kinds of options. The last trading day is the third trading day in the month before the delivery month of corresponding futures contracts.

   Exercise price spacing of PTA options is RMB50 if exercise prices are not higher than RMB5 000, RMB100 if exercise prices are higher than RMB5 000 but not higher than RMB10 000, and RMB200 if exercise prices are higher than RMB10 000. Exercise price spacing of methanol options is RMB25 (exercise prices not higher than RMB2 500), RMB50 (higher than RMB2 500 but not higher than RMB5 000) and RMB100 (higher than RMB5 000).