New Document Issued to Propel Bio-Natural Gas Industry
Click:275    DateTime:Jan.06,2020

A kind of green, low-carbon, clean and renewable natural gas, bio-natural gas (BNG) is produced by urban and rural organic wastes like crop straws, livestock and poultry wastes, and kitchen wastes. China’s annual output of BNG is to exceed 10 billion cubic meters by 2025 and exceed 20 billion cubic meters by 2030, as detailed in Guiding Opinions on Propelling Industrialization of Bio-Natural Gas, recently issued by 10 departments including the National Energy Administration, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources, etc.

   China’s natural gas consumption is forecast to have increased 25.1 billion cubic meters YoY or 9% YoY to around 302.5 billion cubic meters in 2019, with the growth far exceeding that of coal and petroleum, according to Development Report on China’s Energy Chemical Industry 2020. To provide policy support for the BNG industry, the document of guiding opinions calls for:

   * taking the BNG into consideration when making work program to ensure stable development of natural gas; work program on production, supply, storage and sale of natural gas; clean energy heating plan in winter of north China, etc.

   * making medium and long-term BNG development plans

   * establishing green gas quota mechanisms, making policies to stimulate BNG utilization, conducting innovation activities in green financial products and providing stronger credit aid for BNG projects

   * implementing preferential policies regarding land, taxes, electricity prices, etc.

   * making BNG project management guidelines.