GBPC to Produce Cephacarboximidamide
Year:2010 ISSUE:9
Click:343    DateTime:Nov.02,2010
GBPC to Produce Cephacarboximidamide   

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (GBPC, SZ: 000522) reported on April 11th that a new drug it developed, named cephacarboximidamide, recently received certification from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). The company has signed a cooperation agreement with the South China Center for Innovative Pharmaceuticals (SCCIP) to jointly promote the official production of the new drug.   
   Few years ago, GBPC developed an innovative drug - cephathiamidine. A researcher of GBPC disclosed that the team spent more than two years in selecting cephacarboximidamide among 57 new synthetic compounds. By modifying the molecular structure of cephathiamidine, cephacarboximidamide was created with a longer lifespan and less toxicity.  Now China's only two innovative antibiotics are all developed by GBPC.
   Recently, GBPC has signed with world leading antibiotics manufacturer DSM a technical agreement that GBPC was licensed to use DSM's green cepha raw materials to produce antibiotic formulations.