Beijing Leads in Drug R&D
Year:2010 ISSUE:8
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Beijing Leads in Drug R&D    

China's first AIDs controlling new drug - V9722 is posted for bids on China Technology Exchange in April 2010. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences' R&D team has spent six years in creating this innovative drug and finally patented it in China. This new drug has reportedly strong control on HIV virus outside human body or inside different cells. The expected price for the technologies to produce this drug was around RMB10 million.     
   There are eleven medical technologies for sales on China Technology Exchange. Most of these technologies are developed by the research institutions of Beijing. More technologies developed by Beijing's medical R&D sector are reserved for the municipality's medical companies to conduct commercial production.
   Beijing, China's capital, possesses leading technology resources and is prior in medical R&D. Many emerging companies there developed wide medical R&D outsourcing business to serve oversea pharmaceutical companies. It is reported that Beijing has more than one hundred companies engaged in the pharmaceuticals R&D service outsourcing business.  
   An official of Beijing municipality government disclosed that Beijing's revenue in selling innovative drugs technologies and medical R&D service outsourcing business can reach RMB2.5 billion per year, ranking China's leading position. In 2009, China approved around 700 new drugs, 25% of that was developed in Beijing.