NMT Signs Exclusive Licensing Agreement with BWP
Year:2010 ISSUE:8
Click:331    DateTime:Nov.02,2010
NMT Signs Exclusive Licensing Agreement with BWP   

NanoMaterials Technology Private Limited (NMT) of Singapore announced on April 8th, 2010 that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical Company Limited (BWP) for the use of its proprietary High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (HGCP) Technology to manufacture, market and distribute a generic version of a worldwide blockbuster hyperlipidemiacontrolling drug in China with a potential market size of over US$900 million. Currently, there are 90 million patients in China undergoing long-term treatment for hyperlipidemia, according to NMT.
    Under the terms of the agreement, BWP will pay an undisclosed upfront fee as well as milestones and royalty payments based on future sales of the drug. NMT will provide a new formulation that will increase efficacy, lower drug dosage and provide better patient compliance.
    The HGCP technology allows production of active pharmaceutical ingredient at both low micron and nanosized range. NMT has demonstrated the suitability of the technology for processing APIs of both small and macro molecules to be formulated for solid oral dosage and inhalation forms.
    Founded in February 1999, BWP is a pharmaceutical company in Beijing under Zhejiang NHU Group, specializes in hyperlipidemiacontrolling, high blood pressure, nephrology, CNS and diabetes drugs.