China Announces New Drug Catalogue for Health Insurance
Year:2009 ISSUE:35
Click:334    DateTime:Dec.16,2009
China Announces New Drug Catalogue for Health Insurance    

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China (MHRSS) announced on November 30th the 2009 edition Drug Catalogue for National Essential Health Insurance, Employment Injury Insurance and Birth Insurance, which lists all drugs included in the National Essential Drugs Catalogue as its A grade drugs in which consumers will be refunded wholly by the national essential health insurance equity, effective December 31st, 2009.   
   Compared with the existing edition, 260 drugs are added in the new catalogue, of which, 53 drugs are new in A grade and the others are added into B grade. The new edition covers totally 1 164 drugs (349 for A and 791 for B) and 987 Chinese traditional medicines. An official of MHRSS explained that the doctors are encouraged to select cheaper drugs when making a medical prescription and the doctors who add repeated drugs onto prescriptions will be punished. The patients who consume A grade drugs must be refunded at 100% rate by the national essential health insurance and the refunding ratio for B grade drugs can be determined by local governments. The drug makers who produces drugs covered in the catalogue are expected to enjoy a business growth.
    The new health insurance catalogue increases the using limitations for drugs, particular in antibiotics, vitamins and harmones in order to avoid misusing.
   This catalogue has not yet included the drugs that are needed to approve by negotiation. MHRSS will set up a working team to organize the negotiation between the health insurance managements and drug suppliers about the expensive but effective drugs.