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High Temperature Coal Tar Deep Processing Capacity to Be Released for the 2nd Round
​High temperature coal tar deep processing is not only an important component of modern coal chemical industry, but also one of the effective ways to...
Rubber: Upside Room Capped by Downstream, May Turn a Corner in 2H 2020
The COVID-19 outbreak pummeled China’s tyre and other rubber products industries in the first half of 2020. Prices of major tyre feedstock, including...
Performance of Fiber-grade PET Industry
Textiles’ principal raw materials, fiber-grade PET can be mainly divided into civil yarn grade, industrial yarn grade and film grade. The fast-growin...
The Dye and Pigment Industry Might Rise Under Pressure in 2H 2020
From January to June, major economic indicators such as dyes  pigments, intermediates, and printing and dyeing auxiliaries have all fallen by a large ...
Cracking C9—— Demand Increases and Prices Decrease Slightly
Cracking C9 is a by-product of the naphtha steam cracking ethylene process, and is mainly used in the production of the two-stage hydrogenated C9 comp...