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China’s Dye Industry Shall Focus on Its Own Strength to Confront with Severe Challenges
The overall economic operation level of China’s dyes and pigments, intermediates, printing and dyeing auxiliaries industries posted a slight year-on-...
Standardizing the Processing and Reuse of Scrap Plastics Faster Under the Guidance of Policies
Different industries produce a variety of scrap plastics, which can be classified into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics , and almost all the t...
Opportunities and Challenges of Producing Ethylene with Imported Ethane
The shale gas boom in the US made the nation’s ethane output skyrocket, but growth of consumption failed to catch up with that of output, resulting i...
The Industrialization of Polyimide Fiber Needs to Speed Up
In recent years, the industrialization of PI in China has been accelerating. However, China's PI industry is small in scale and low in capacity, not...
HDPE: Be Cautious About Market Access Under Unbalanced Supply-Demand
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is widely used in packaging, agriculture, communications, construction and electronics, and its development prospects...