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Domestic PI Film to Usher in Golden Period
Polyimide (PI) film has good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent dielectric properties, good chemical stability and low thermal expan...
Supply-demand Growth of VDF and Downstream Polymers to Slow Down
There were 17 VDF producers in China in 2018, with a total capacity of 88 000 t/a.China's VDF output was about 54 000 tons, and the average operating...
Factors Affecting Acetone Prices in 2020
The coronavirus increased sales of epidemic prevention products, stimulating prices of ethanol, PP, isopropanol and acetone. Export orders of isopropa...
A Bright Future for China's Engineering Plastics Industry
After nearly 20 years’ rapid development, China’s engineering plastics industry’s scale and technology have made tremendous progress. Production lo...
PETG: High Technology Monopoly and Promising Application Prospects
Polyethylene terephthalate-1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol (PETG is more environmentally friendly compared with other polyester materials, has been certifie...