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By Kang Baoxiang, China Dyestuff Industry AssociationChina exported 38kt of textile auxiliaries in 2016, a YoY increase of 11.32%; imports totaled 61.4kt, an increase of 15.33% YoY. These numbers come from customs.ExportChina exported textile auxili... Jun.21,2017

Basic statusIn 2016, China’s foreign trade showed some adjustment to the slack global economy and trade conditions. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) trade declined along with the overall trend for medicines. However, the 14 policies issued by... Jun.21,2017

By Zhao Qingfang, China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association, Hangzhou Renhe Hot Melt Adhesive Co., Ltd.EVA & SBC make up 70% of outputSales of 102 hot melt adhesive producers in China increased impressively in 2016, rising to 833.5kt from 751.2k... Jun.21,2017

By Hao Lianping, Tianjin PetrochemicalEnvironmental laws constrain capacity increaseWith full implementation of the new national standard V for oil products, mixed aromatics have become first-choice additives for gasoline. China’s output of mixed... Jun.21,2017

By Mi Duo, Cao Zirong, PetroChina Jilin PetrochemicalChina’s fuel ethanol capacity reached 2 510kt/a in 2016. Table 1 shows the producers. Table 1 Fuel ethanol producers in China, 2016ProducerLocation of production unitRaw materialCapacity (kt/a)... Jun.21,2017

By Li Bingxin, China Nonferrous Metals Industry AssociationIn 2016, the average price of industrial-grade lithium carbonate was RMB125 000/t, an increase of 162% over the previous year. The average price of battery-grade lithium carbonate was RMB147... Jun.21,2017

By Jiang ShunpingThe capacity made zero growth for the first time and the output created another new highChina was host to 220 calcium carbide producers at the end of 2016, according to China Calcium Carbide Industry Association statistics (incomple... Jun.6,2017

By Wang Ying, The Transportation & Sales Centre of Tianjin Petrochemical Co., Ltd.DemandDemand for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) comes mainly from makers of blow molding hollow products, films, pipes, injection molding products and electric cable... Jun.6,2017

By Chen Fang, Chengdu Documentationand Information Center, Chinese Academy of SciencesThe average annual growth rate of the biological industry in China exceeded 15% during the Twelfth Five-year (2011-2015) Plan period. The industrial scale exceeded... Jun.6,2017

China Coatings Industry AssociationIn 2016, the annual output of China’s 1 358 coatings enterprises above state designated scale was up to 18.9978 million tons, up 7.2% YoY. The main business income of those firms reached RMB435.449 billion, up 5.6%... Jun.6,2017

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