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By Zhang Miao, China National Chemical Information CentrePoor in bromine resources, high import dependencyChina is a country poor in bromine resources. The production of bromine in China is mainly concentrated in Bohai Bay Area, and the production i... Nov.21,2017

China Chemical Fibers AssociationIn the first half of this year, the chemical fiber industry maintained its good momentum. With the textile market warming up, demand for chemical fiber has improved, and the overall operating rate of the industry has... Nov.21,2017

By Tan Jie, Research Institute of Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd.With the constant improvement and maturing of methanol-to-olefin (MTO) technology in recent years, many enterprises use MTO technology to produce ethylene and propylene with co... Nov.21,2017

By He Jiayi and Wang Wei, China Bond Rating Co., Ltd.In 2016 and the first three quarters of 2017, the prices of polyester filament rebounded, industry profitability improved, but the industry was still in excess capacity status. In the short term, ... Nov.21,2017

By Additive Manufacturing Alliance of ChinaAdditive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing has developed from the R&D stage to industrial application, and its deep integration with information network technology will impact China’s efforts to tran... Nov.7,2017

By Qi Xuezhi, China Rubber Industry AssociationRecycling scrap rubber shows remarkable environmental valueMajor sources of scrap rubber include discarded rubber products – discarded auto tires, cart tires, rubber hoses, rubber belts, rubber shoes an... Nov.7,2017

By Shi Lan, Kim Lian Innovation Network Science and Technology Limited Company, Recycled Plastics AnalystIndustry’s disadvantages are obvious, and the trend of production will be standardized 1. Disorder At present, the recovery rate of domesti... Nov.7,2017

By Hu Shiming, CNCICPrices stay low while profitability recoversChina’s PX capacity reached 13.658 million t/a last year. Output and utilization last year were respectively 9.3 million tons (up 6.9% YoY) and 68.1% (up 4.4 percentage points YoY). P... Nov.7,2017

By Liu Juan, He Jiayi, Wang Wei, China Bond Rating Co., Ltd.The main processes for soda ash production in China are the ammonia-soda process, the combined-soda process and the natural soda process, respectively 52%, 42% and 6% of the nation’s capaci... Nov.7,2017

By Sun LiyanGrowth of the automobile, building and electronic industries promotes rapid development of specialty rubber industry.By the end of 2016 the number of automobiles in use in China had reached 194 million, an increase of 113% over 2010. Acc... Oct.30,2017

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